my perfect day

My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day I had planned to do this exercise on paper first, but I think I will start here instead. I don't want to put this off until tomorrow, and the plan was to post this on the blog anyway (for accountability and easy reference). I am going to outline what my perfect day looks like, one that has the freedom and flexibility to do whatever I want. Thinking about it though, I do think that I have two perfect days, depending on my mood and where I am in the world.

Perfect Day #1

My first perfect day would be me, sitting at a poker table at the Bellagio (or maybe the Aria or the Venetian, depending on the action and what's up), and playing lots and lots of poker. I'm thinking eight to 12 hours of poker because it's awesome. Of course, the day would be much more perfect if I saw a famous poker player and/or tripled my money. But, poker all day is simply perfect.

Ideally, it would be good to start in the early evening and to go as late as possible. This is when there are the most fishies. At least that's what I think.

Perfect Day #2

My other option for a perfect day (because I would need to take a break from the poker) would be me getting up at 9 or 10 a.m. and going to bed after midnight. I'm kind of a night owl, and do get some creative juices flowing after 8 or 9 p.m. The day would start with coffee, a delicious warm dark roast with vanilla soy milk and a little bit of powdered sugar. It turns out that powdered sugar dissolves really well. Normal sugar just sinks to the bottom, so nothing it sweetened until the end of the drink. While drinking my wonderful brew, I will write about the new dark roast I've just tasted in my coffee shop/roast review blog.

I would be spending most of my day writing and blogging, covering the topics that needed to be covered and bringing the news and information people desired. I would be writing about my passions i.e coffee, human rights, international news, poker, identity theft, credit repair etc. (that list could really go on forever). I would write for the sake of creating great content and for the sake of creating something the others would find helpful, valuable and beneficial. Worrying about SEO and advertising and traffic is stupid, and is a problem for those who a writing, blogging, and creating content for the wrong reasons.

I would eat a hefty lunch and dinner, away from my desk. It would be a vegan lunch and dinner with at least one awesome person so that I'm not eating all by myself or spending my meal watching something. I would like to have at least one meal outdoors in the sunshine, but if it's winter then perhaps I don't need to eat outside. A vegan dessert would follow dinner, while after lunch there would be more coffee. Coffee will always follow lunch. It counts as a dessert.

Naturally, I can't spend my entire perfect day writing. I would get tired and then I won't be writing as well. So, when the creative juices aren't flowing, I'll be playing fun video games like Skyrim, anything on the Wii, Don't Starve, and Sim City. Not all of them at once or all of them in one day, but just one for the perfect day so that I can relax a little bit and be able to get back to writing.

I think that's about it for my perfect day. How detailed does it need to be? I don't know. I'm not all that high-maintenance anyway. It really doesn't take a lot for me to be comfortable or happy.