It's My 50th Post!

the big 50th postWe made it to the big 50 (although we should it made it to the big 50 months ago)! Nonetheless, this is the 50th post, and although I should do something really special and amazing because it's a huge milestone, it looks like that I am not going to do much of that. Don't fret! I will make sure to do something extraordinary for my 100th post, which will come in about 50 days. July 10 is a day to mark on your calendars, indeed.

The News Show Has a Name!

Yes, it does, and it's not "Fresh Interpretations." A friend said that "Fresh Interpretations" was too much of a mouthful, and offered "Fresh Perspectives" as a better alternative. I then considered both options and hated them both because I thought both of them were mouthfuls. I also thought that the word "fresh" wasn't punchy enough, although I did like the word and what it meant. I went back to the drawing board, looked at the thesaurus for another word, and stumbled upon 'mint.' I like words that can have more than one meaning, like 'mint' is very similar to 'fresh' but also has a different meaning when used in the phrase, "mint condition" or a "minted coin." Yes, I want this show to be associated with perfect coins and distinctive smell and taste. It's so my thing.

First Video Will Be Up By Tomorrow

By tomorrow, I will finally have that first video up: the first edition of The Mint Opinion covering the similarities between the Benghazi incident and Watergate (hint: there aren't as many similarities as some would hope). I am preparing what I'm going to say this evening and will shoot once I finish my preparations. I'm still doing research on the issue, and I do want to run through what I'm going to say a few times before I post it online. All this preparation and research is hard work, much harder than if I were preparing for this same question in a speech and debate tournament. I would only have 30 minutes to prepare, and most of the time what I have would be inadequate for preparation.

The trick with these new experiments and ventures is that's there's always more to do than you first realize. There's been so much testing and research and practice that had to go into all this. I feel like I've done a ton already even though I don't have a video up yet. Nothing's going to get done unless I have a video up first. This will definitely be the case, as I've been practicing what I'm going to say and I can finally get that done.

I Just Need to Keep Going!

It all seems so hard and unobtainable, like none of it is going to work, or that content marketing work will start pouring in and then all these great ideas for the YouTube broadcasting empire will never come to fruition because I'll be too busy and I'll have to prioritize paying my bills and making some money over trying to put together the next big thing. On the one hand, having the content marketing work would be great because it would mean that Stirring Media, as it is, would be able to keep going. On the other hand, I think this YouTube broadcasting company direction is an awesome idea and it ought to be done before someone else does it. If someone else does it before me, I would be absolutely sad and I would probably kick myself for not getting to it first. I mean, this content marketing agency idea has already been done and I don't really think I can differentiate myself and my brand with a content marketing agency the way that I can through YouTube.