Trend Micro SafeSync

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Trend Micro Safesync

content marketing data backupWhen my friend returned to St. Louis for her final year of college, she told me over lunch about the class she had failed because her hard drive had crashed, deleting all of her notes for that particular class. This made me wonder why she did not have her data stored somewhere else, anywhere else, just in case something like this happens. I wonder how many college students actually back up their data.

Although I don't have any statistics about how many college students fail a class or take an incomplete because a hard drive malfunction deleted all their work, but I do know that 60 percent of businesses that lose their data shut down six months after the data disaster. As a content marketer, would you be able to survive if you lost all of your data? If you could survive, how long would it before you could provide content marketing services again?

I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want to find out, which why I utilize this week's Tech Tool: Trend Micro SafeSync. Trend Micro Safesync is a cloud-based data storage service. For just $20 a month, you can sync you files to the cloud, never having to worry about remembering to back up your data or purchasing external hard drives or flash drives to do it. Those things aren't even all that reliable anyway. What if the flash drive gets lost, stolen, or breaks when you need it most? Then you're backup is useless as well. You never have to worry about Trend Micro breaking on you.

Another good thing about Trend Micro, or any other cloud-based data storage service is that you can now access your files from anywhere there's an Internet connection. You don't have to have these extra devices with you or need to be on certain computers to get to your files. Use them when you need them, and if you make any changes, those changes are saved and the new files are backed up as well. I couldn't recommend backing up your data more, whether or not you use Trend Micro. Why risk losing time and money in your content marketing services when backing up your files can save you all the headache? Over 30 percent of PC users experience a data disaster at some point (myself included). It's tough to prevent it from happening, so prevent it from having consequences.