Poetry Saturday: What Blue Doesn't Tell You

I had hoped that I had something American or Patriotic that I could share during Independence Day weekend, but I couldn't find anything that stuck out. So, I figured a poem about the color blue would be just fine. I do have a poem about the color red, but I didn't want to share that one yet. I don't really have any poems about the color white, but I do have one or two about snow. Those are better suited when there's actually snow on the ground. I don't know why I wrote this poem or what inspired it. I've always liked that there are so many synonyms for each of the colors, but I don't think that's the main reason or the only reason why I wrote this poem, if it's a reason at all.

What Blue Doesn’t Tell You


Aquamarine surfs in harbor

not telling where to catch the waves.


Cerulean adds pigments to the water

but doesn't show the midnight how.


Cyan fiddles with the lights

keeping certain things in darkness.


Sapphire sparkles with shimmering glee

knowing why the dolphin smiles.


Navy leads the cadets to battle

cause and enemy left unknown.


Cobalt tortures the baby blue

picking for the answer's sky.


Why such the unusual blues?

Blues thought's bear no admittance.