Poetry Saturday: An Untitled Rondeau

I didn't know what to title this poem after I wrote it, which is why it has the title that it has. A rondeau is a type of poem where there are three verses with specific lengths and rhyming schemes. There are three verses, and the first and the last one are six lines each. The second verse is four lines. For the six-line verses, the first, second, fifth and sixth lines much rhyme. The third and fourth lines must also rhyme, but it must be a different rhyme. The same two rhymes must be used throughout the poem. For the second verse, the first, second, and fourth lines rhyme, and they must rhyme with the one used with the the first, second, fifth and sixth lines in the other two verses. The third line must the the third and fourth lines in the other two verses, although it won't rhyme with any other line in the verse.

I learned about this format from a book I borrowed at the library. I can't remember what the book was called, but I do remember that it had a green cover. I wanted to improve my poetry skills, so I found a book or two that introduced me to new techniques and formats. This poem is one of the final products that came out of that endeavor.

An Untitled Rondeau


The will to power will rise forever.

This is my leading endeavor.

To soar and be so free

with what I have been destined to be.

This from me you cannot sever.


Don't you dare try to be so clever.

There are no exceptions whatsoever.

Eternally remains my joyful glee.

The will to power WILL rise forever.


And I do not need you as a lever

Trust you I will never ever.

As you preach your golden sea

and all of this absurdity!

You WILL go down in my endeavor.

The will to power will rise forever.