Pivoting Your Business 180 Degrees is Crazy

turning a business 180 degrees Quite frankly, I don't really know how to pivot my business 180 degrees, but that's essentially what I'm doing right now with my business. I love blogging and creating content. I just don't like doing it for other people anymore. I'm over it, and I really went into business to create more of my own content, instead of creating content for others, and a year-and-a-half into this I'm still spending most of my time creating content for others. So, I'm pivoting myself and Stirring Media, and we're going to create our own content. I need to revise the business model, and the website, and our social media presences. I also need to once again drop clients and figure everything out. Oh, and I should probably tell my business consultants about this.

Or, Maybe Not, We'll See

However, I did receive a call from a lead just now, a lead that would be really awesome to work with and would save my company from going broke. The company has a software that allows corporations and interest groups track relevant legislation, which sounds fantastic. Do blog posts about the importance of following legislation, how to respond, how to contact the relevant people to get your say involved, how to encourage action (perhaps this is something I should write about on the Amnesty blog?). It's great stuff, although I admit, my sales pitch on the phone was horrible. I don't know if I sold them on anything that they already don't have the manpower to do, because the lead said they have someone on board to do this.

Man, I got all excited about the YouTube and the blogging and creating my own content. Maybe we could slowly transition, instead of suddenly transition. It would mean I'd have to worry less about becoming proprietary so quickly. But, it's also more creating content for other people, which is what we need to get away from right now. So, we might pivot, we might not pivot, we might pivot very slowly. Don't know yet. Ask again tomorrow.

We're Still Making a Video Though

Yes! We are still totally making a video and I am going to do that tonight! I am going to record me playing Oblivion for about 30 minutes because I need to take action and to create a video. I also need to test my 30-day trial of the recording software I downloaded, so I can see how good it is and see what kind of outcome I get with it. I still want to do the talk show, which has a tentative name of "Real Chats by the Fake Fireside", but I don't want to waste an interview because there was shoddy audio or I mess it up trying to use the software or something. I don't want to have to do an interview again, but I can totally just do another 30 minutes of Oblivion. It's more fun, and much easier to do if something goes wrong.

Another Cool YouTube Show Idea

Since my background is in marketing and business blogging, I could always do videos on that, offering quick tips or answering questions or doing some how-to's. Content creation is only getting more and more popular, and writing and blogging still remain two very tough spots for marketers and businesses creating content. That's a niche I could fill. In my initial research, it looked like that there weren't too many videos on this topic. I think also the challenge here is presenting something like business blogging, which isn't all that visual, in a very visual way. I could couple it with a powerpoint presentation, but we'll see.

Okay! We have a business to pivot and a video to make, so we're going to do that. Yay!