My Big Fat To-Do List

big giant to-do listSee, I have my daily to-do list, where I write down the things that need to get done that day (as well as whatever else I can squeeze). This leaves a lot of things forgotten, especially personal things, or even bigger tasks that are tougher to break down into a few steps that could get accomplished over the next several days. I've decided to put together a to-do list of these things, as most of them either get forgotten or squeezed into the weekend, when I don't want to do them because it's the weekend. Hey, whatever works to remind myself and to hold myself accountable.

  • Find and Choose Recipes - I've been eating out too much lately, so this means I've probably slacked on my veganism and nutrition. I need to get back on track by picking a few good recipes, buying the ingredients for those recipes, and then cooking the food. I have Pinterest and a couple of cookbooks, so really I don't have any excuses.
  • Go Grocery Shopping - Purchase said ingredients, and other needed things.
  • Prepare Food and Water for the New Kitty - Our new kitty is finally arriving from the shelter on Monday! We need to prepare the home for our new family members i.e. put out the food and water. The water dish just needs to be refilled since I've already washed it. I do want to change the food dish since the food has been sitting there for a few weeks with no one to eat it. It's probably dusty by now.
  • Post a Hand on - Did you really think I wouldn't have anything poker related to do? I played a cash game yesterday for an hour and lost two dollars. This was after being up three dollars after playing heads up. I grant, I got lucky. I'm not sure if I kept running into hands or if people were playing back at me. Maybe both. This is why I ought to post a hand (or two).
  • Play Poker - I always need to play poker. It's always on the to-do list. Despite yesterday's losses, I might play again tonight. Poker is fun!
  • Revisit My Content Inventory - This is an inventory of all the lead generation content Stirring Media has, and the last time I looked at this thing as at least a few months ago. Maybe more than that since I don't remember. I know I am planning new content, and have created new content since I last looked at the inventory so it does need a revisit. It'll also be a good chance to see which kinds of content I ought to create.
  • Work on My Internet Marketing Guide - One of my first pieces of lead generation content was a white paper on building a keyword strategy. It was meant to be a series. However, I've only written the one, and I've kind of started on the next in the series, which is about business blogging. Not only does the first one need uber updating, but I should finish the series as well.
  • Call HubSpot - Apparently, they still don't have my new address. So, they are sending checks to my old address, in which Ken has to call and tell me to pick up the mail. I don't want the building owner to see me, because I've cancelled my services with him, so I don't want him to get the idea I'm trying to steal. I swore I told them, but I need to do this.
  • Exercise - I need to do lots more of this. I need to play more Wii, or go to Tower Grove Park, or take a class, or go running, or a combination of the above. It's part of my vision to achieve Oprah status!
  • Drink More Coffee - This is always on the to-do list. It's yummy and empowering. And, obviously, I have a lot to do. When do I ever have nothing to do?