I'm Doing It!

2013 goals and beyond Guess what? I'm actually being productive, making plans, and getting things done, all like I said I would the other day. Yay me! My VIP day with my business coach yesterday was a huge success. We spent the day figuring out how to remedy my current situation as well as figure out a new business venture that does a better job of marrying my passions (marketing, writing, news, and activism). More on that in a later post, as I'll take the time to flesh it out and to do the necessary research.

Money, Money, Money

I've finally set up my account with Mint.com (I tried to do it two years ago, but didn't realize that I needed to set up my online banking to do this. I have finally have that now, like almost two years since I set up the account). It's such an amazing tool! I now have one place to track expenses, to set up a budget, and to set financial goals for myself. My big goal is to get rid of all my debt, most of which is credit card debt. I still have about half of my business loan to pay off and I do owe Sean money as well. To do all that, I do need to increase my income, which is obvious. I'm gonna be hustling for a few months, perhaps a year or two, to get this done. I think that's okay. Hustling is respectable if you do it right.

One Year and Five Year Goals

This is what I need to do next, as part of my business breakthrough coaching and developing my new business venture (and even part of being a better hustler too). I'm going to work on these tonight right after I write this. I already know some of my goals, like get rid of my debt, buy a car, win a WSOP bracelet, get to $500,000 in net worth. But, I need to think about all of them and develop my five-year plan toward getting there. It's not going to be easy. However, breaking it all down into steps, doing the right research, and setting milestones will make it easier.

What Will I Do Next?

After I go through the personal stuff, then I can work on the new business venture. I do think I might have to transition slowly toward the new business and I do think that I might have to prototype it first, like develop some free aspects to generate buzz and a community before starting to monetize and to generate any revenue. It might make it easier to sell the bread and butter, while proving that we do provide value to the community. This way, it's not as if all we're doing is selling something and trying to make money (I get that's the point of a business, but no one's going to buy what you are selling if no one thinks it offers any benefit or value to their lives). We would actually have something that's worth paying for while having the base to sell it to.

It all seems like a lot, and maybe a waste of a Memorial Day weekend, but it's okay. It's supposed to rain and to thunderstorm the whole weekend in St. Louis, so I'll be spending a lot of time indoors. This will give me plenty of time to do what I need to do. Although, I do want to see the new baby elephant at the zoo. It's not going to stay a baby for long. However, if the weather's horrible, I might not do that.