I Don't Like Tornado Warnings

I don't like it when the sirens go off. They are scary. Sean says we don't have to do anything until it gets really windy, or until you hear it get really loud, like the sound of an oncoming train. I don't like any of it, although I don't think anyone does. It makes me worry about getting to a safe place on time, and whether or not I'll be able to save the kitty too. The cat seems more comfortable with all this than I am. He's taking a nap on a perch in this cat tree. The rain and thunder doesn't seem to bother him, although hail does freak him out when it hits the windows.

I Still Have a Daily Word Count to Hit

I hit the word count yesterday by writing approximately 1,900 words. This included yesterday's post and two posts for my client: one recruiting news roundup and one about how to use social media to increase your association membership. I think I could have done better on the latter. My client takes the time every now and then to tell me that I do an excellent job and that I help her tremendously. She takes the time to tell me, so I don't think she's lying and I believe her.

Once I finish this, I will only be at 250 words. Only 1,500 words to go! It only looks difficult. I've gotten plenty of practice writing 600-word blog posts in an hour or so. The tough part is having enough to say on a topic to hit the milestone.