I am Awesome. Here's How

i am awesomeI like doing these birthday/personality/astrological sign/Chinese sign things because I find them to be so accurate of who I am. When they are so accurate, as is the photo on the left, I am reminded of how awesome I am and how much I can accomplish. I have other goals for the year, both business and personal goals, of which I shall share tomorrow so I have something to write about. In the meantime, I am awesome and will do great things. Because I said so. Here's how I am awesome, in case you've failed to notice.

I've Gotten So Much Done Today

On Linda Formichelli's blog, The Renegade Writer, she discussed in a post that instead of a "To Do List", you should create a "What I've Done List" at the end of the day. The latter is more rewarding and less daunting, while illustrating that you've probably accomplished more during the day than you realized. I wish I could find the exact post, but I've done so much today! Here is my "What I've Done List" for today:

  • Sent three marketing emails
  • Emailed a client to arrange a meeting to plan blog post ideas for the next few weeks
  • Exchanged with another client about guest posting and increasing workload
  • Secured a new customer!
  • Exchanged with a potential client on how our arrangement would work
  • Shared current business success on the business Facebook page
  • Completed four blog posts for four separate clients
  • Bought chocolate and taquitos
  • Made pizzadillas for lunch (quesadillas with pizza toppings)
  • Made soup for dinner (from a soup mix and not a can)
  • Scheduled a meeting for this Saturday
  • Scheduled tasks for next week
  • Revised a Twitter background for a client
  • Watched the latest episode of Sharktank (which is much more productive than you realize)
  • Played a poker sit-n-go and took second, after coming back from two big blinds!

Did I mention I was awesome? Did I also mention that I woke up at 11 a.m. and still got all this done? I grant that this also means I will be up until 2 a.m., but that just adds to my awesomeness.

And There are Plenty More Awesome Things to Do!

I could always do more, because doing awesome things is an awesome, and if we put our minds to it (with some coffee or really rich dark chocolate) we can always do more awesome things and come up with more awesome things to do. Now, comes that "To-Do List":

  • Create and schedule tweets for next week for me and my clients
  • Create Friday's blog post for Amnesty St. Louis about our newest book club reading
  • Send that contract for my new customer
  • Play More Poker
  • Exercise
  • Apply to More Gigs
  • Work on One of those Lead Generation Offers that I've Started and Have Yet to Finish
  • Renew my library books
  • Come up with blog post idea for next week for another client

Oh Yeah... About Those Topics

Still haven't made much progress on those, although I have gone through the notebook of interesting topics and picked out what I wanted to cover. I essentially chose the good stuff that remotely relates to saving the world. However, I still need to get to five for each, and I need to get those all scheduled in the editorial calendar. Actually, all my editorial calendars require work. Perhaps I will get this done tonight, since I can't play the Wii because my fiance is playing poker. He wishes not to have distractions when he's playing poker. Although I am sad that I cannot play SoulCalibur Legends, it's probably better that I spend time getting work done. I will do that now.