How to Find a Source for Your Story

finding a source for your storyFinding a source for your story involves knowing the purpose of writing it in the first place. Is it to educate, or entertain? Is it to inspire or to sell a product or services? Finding a source has a lot to do with knowing what interests your readers and what you feel best about covering with your writing skills. Sources can be as simple as an inspiration that you then do additional research. It can be a photo or a news story that you decide needs more in-depth exploration. Finding a source for your inspiration can be a Google search, a walk outside, a browse through the local newspaper, or a walk downtown.

If you are working to find new ways to inspire readers about your key website topic, a good place to start is with the news. Finding the right keywords to search for new news about your area of expertise can be surprising. Learning new things yourself is part and parcel of discovering exactly the right source, and your excitement is usually what tips you off to the right-fit discovery.

Perhaps you are writing a newsletter or posting an inspiring success story on your Facebook page regularly. It can get difficult to always be working to find new information. Finding a way to consistently provide new, fresh inspiration can provide for a lot of frustration if you aren't sure where to look..

When you find dependable sources that inspire, provide education, news or other interesting material-- nurture and cultivate these relationships. Your source will be someone who has deeper knowledge of your topic than you do. It will be someone who has access to more information or news or ideas or facts, or has retained/studied or had access to much more of this content.

For those looking for news this source might be a police or fire chief. For someone writing about education this person can be a school principle or university professor, and so on. When blogging, it is important to become a trusted information source for your topic, so the information needs to be presented in a professional manner and contain accurate, compelling and factually correct content.

A source can also be a company, a sports team, a medical clinic with a special focus, a dentists office with a special focus, etc. Find juicy content from the place where large amounts of your information reside, waiting to be extracted and transformed into a story.

Focusing on the information your readers want most is the best compass toward your source that your can utilize. You can also find competitors or information from the other or counter side of your issue to write on. For fact-based consideration, highlighting both sides of your topic is very wise and helps to show an open-minded, fair viewpoint.

Resist the temptation to wander off your focus to cover interesting things you are not promoting as your specific area of expertise, focus or topic, as this can lead to a loss of readership. People like to receive what they ask for, and come for a specific purpose. This means unless this is part of what they expect, use caution when feeling inspired to wander off-topic.

Finding fresh content that is compelling to readers can be an exciting adventure that leads to new relationships, enhanced story telling and satisfied readers. For those doing it for business-- it can lead to on going relationships online with those who value your expertise, products and services. It can enhance productive lifestyles on every level.

Discovering high quality on going sources of rich content is every writers dream come true. Creative license, inspired compositions and plain old fun-to-read stories is a wonderful thing to have to offer others. Regardless if you blog for fun, business or for activism, tapping a deep well of information enhances everyone's lives.

Taping your source for content takes organized thinking, a list of priorities, an understanding of what your readers want and expect, and a clear approach to detailed and talented story writing. There are many places online that offer simple and effective writing tips to help enhance what you are doing. If you feel a need to improve your story writing skills, use the source finding skill to discover simple steps to more compelling stories, as well.

Finding your source is satisfying. Like an information meal, so to speak. And regardless if you are providing burgers and fries, a gourmet entree or a home cooked banquette, those satisfied feelings will continue with every fresh story you post.