How to Choose a Cloud Provider

choosing a cloud providerChoosing to move your data to a cloud service is a big decision, one that requires some thorough research before it’s made. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before you decide on a service provider.

With my experience in the field of cloud computing and after reviewing hundreds of cloud service providers on, I have acquired enough knowledge to know the factors to consider. First things first, the service provider must have experience in the field, a strong clientele and a ton of positive feedback from the clients. However, there are a few more factors that freelancers and solopreneurs ought to think about when choosing a cloud provider:


Security should be your utmost concern before you decide to choose a cloud service. Your service provider should be SAS Level 2 Certified and be a member of the Cloud Security Alliance. If they’re not complying with either of the two, then you should reconsider; because putting your trust with your important business confidential data into the hands of a provider who can’t provide you proper data security is not a wise move.


You should be clear with your service provider about the pricing plan from the very beginning. If possible, draw out an agreement with your provider of maintaining a steady pricing plan. If the need for a price change arises, then you should be notified in advance. It is also important that the billing options you choose should be automated so that you can monitor what and how much is used and what it costs you.


In case of a disaster, or if the service provider fails to maintain their business, they should be under an agreement to give you recovery services. Also, in case of unsatisfactory service, you should be able to move your data to another cloud provider and all your information must be destroyed/washed from the old provider for good!


Support is something that is always needed as problems always exist no matter what! It is always important to sort out support options in advance and introduce your support team to your service provider’s team so they’re on the same page as far as the support issues are concerned.

Access to services:

Your service plan should give you maximum control over the server so you may add or remove service as and when needed by you.

Keeping these points in mind, you will be able to get the best service provider for your needs. Good luck and happy clouding!

This is a guest post from Farhan Niazi,