How to Blog: Utilizing Internal Links

internal linksInternal links are links that lead to other web pages on your site. Although internal links aren't as powerful for SEO as inbound links, internal links can definitely help in optimizing your site for certain keywords. It's important that internal links are used correctly in your business blogging and search engine optimization, so those links are useful to you as well as the reader.

Internal links are great for business blogging, as they can be used to link to related posts, service pages, or even some of your landing pages. Internal links are also completely in your control, so if they don't work, then it's something that your not doing right. The key to making them work is to have the anchor text (the words that are hyperlinked) be those keywords or phrases that you are trying to optimize.

Internal links also work well when linking to popular pages and when the linking is consistent. This means consistency in the anchor text as well as where the internal links are located. By location, are you going to link in the on page text, in the navigation menu, from blog posts, or a combination thereof. If you're trying to rank for the keyphrase "online marking and promotion," then best thing to do is to create a page around that keyphrase, and then link to that page from other pages using that keyphrase as the anchor text. This ensures that this specific page will rank for that keyphrase.

Internal links also work best if you try to connect to more than just your home page. You can't expect your home page to rank for every single keyword you wish to optimize. It's better if you create a page to rank for every single keyword or phrase you wish to optimize (page could also mean blog post too), or to find a page that has content that's really relevant to that keyword, and link to that. This way, you can have more pages rank for more keywords, and you can also ensure that the content people find is incredibly relevant.

Internal links count as a vote for yourself in the eyes of the search engines, so it's a great way to start building your search engine rankings if you don't yet have any inbound links. If done strategically, they can really make a difference with your business blogging and search engine optimization.

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