How to Advertise Effectively with an Online Magazine

online advertising Dwhani Shah with Industry Leaders magazine had the right idea when it comes to advertising effectively with an online magazine. However, Shah needed to take things one step further with her suggestions. Her suggestions in building a website for ads to link to is a good one (as should be the case when it comes to any a banner ad or such online), although these ads shouldn't link to brochureware or a plain home page.

That point isn't clarified, but it's what that ad links to that will mean the difference between your ad generating tons of hits or generating tons of leads (which is what you really want, right?). To get the leads, you ads simply shouldn't be taking visitors to a home page, a product page, or something that resembles an annoying pop up. These ads need to be going to landing pages, where visitors are offered something free for their visit, and in return they will provide their information.

By "offering something free for their visit", I mean an offer such as an ebook, a whitepaper, a demo, or an invitation to a webinar. By providing the free offer, you give the visitor a clear cut action of what to do after clicking on your ad. This is much better than taking them to a home or product page, where there isn't a clear cut action and a visitor can too easily click away from the site, or spend all their time browsing without you getting info on who they are, and what they could need from you.

When going with the landing page option, make sure that the ad reflects the offer, or the problem the offer helps solve. If you're having an upcoming webinar on social media marketing, for example, your ad should say something about social media marketing and probably the upcoming webinar. That way, anyone who clicks on your ad might need help with social media marketing, and is probably interested in the webinar. it's much more targeted than an ad for your company or product.

Shah was right on in pointing out that online ads, whether banner ads or in a magazine, ought to be clickable and engaging. It's just that landing pages and free offers are much more clickable and engaging than a home page or a product page. Plus, landing pages and free offers driving leads and give you information on your web visitors and potential customers. Home pages and product pages don't do that. Advertising effectively with an online magazine ought to be measured by the leads you generate, not just the clicks or impressions.