Getting Back into It

getting back into it It's been a hectic past few days, from having to put the cat down to having a headache/migraine all day yesterday. This morning, the front door to our apartment building got busted overnight. Fortunately, it was our stupid neighbor's friend/roommate trying to get back to the apartment, and not a burglar. However, it's now quite easy for a burglar to get into the building now. Thanks, dude! Other than all that, everything's dandy.

However, without that busted door, I might not have gotten up and forced myself to get something done today. It's been a productive day considering the amount of work I need to get done, and I'm beat. But, it's actually looking really good for me to catch up this week, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be in the groove and back on track for making things happen. In a way, I needed something else in my life that I couldn't put off, something that I needed to do right away for the sake of others as well as myself. Busted front doors can do that.

Getting Back to Saving the World

I realized over the past few days that I've strayed from my ultimate goal of saving the world. I'm caught up reading poker and business books, so I haven't been reading things that relate to saving the world. I haven't been watching my documentaries, I didn't go to the last Amnesty International meeting, and I haven't been as committed to this blog as I used to be. Granted, I have been preoccupied with a lot for the past week, and I still have a lot on my horizon (i.e. taxes and trip to Las Vegas), but I do think I am at a point to start making these things the priority they once were. Still, that's no exist as my efforts to save the world have been waning for longer than week. Granted, I did get bogged down with that huge content marketing order at the beginning of the months, but now it's just excuses, excuses, excuses. All I really needed as a good kick to the butt.

Plans for the Next Few Days

They are looking awesome, especially since I might not have to work a whole lot this weekend to catch up. I do have an event tomorrow and Friday, although I'm not sure if the event tomorrow is still happening because of the weather. It's supposed to have snow and sleet and ice rain for most of the day, so there's still a chance they may postpone the event. However, I haven't heard anything yet, so I still plan on attending, unless of course the ice rain makes the sidewalks so bad that I can't even walk anywhere without slipping. Then I might not even leave my house. I do hope the even isn't something where no one shows up because everyone decided to go home and stay out of the weather instead. That would be a waste.

If everything works out right, and I don't have to do a lot of work this weekend, then I'll be able to use this weekend to relax, to do house chores, to play lots of poker, and perhaps think really hard about getting a new kitty. We probably won't get a new one over the weekend, but we do want a new kitty in our lives and I'd like to do some perusing and really thinking about the type of kitty we want. I want one that's big and fuzzy, who wants to be a lap kitty and everyone's friend. Those are the best. But, that's only if everything falls into place and I'm able to get things done.