FYI - GoDaddy Hacked, Thousands of Sites Down

GoDaddy logoYou may have noticed on our website (or not, since some of it is down) isn't working quite right. Our main pages, such as the About Us and our service pages, are down today, while our content marketing blog and our landing pages are doing just fine. The reason is that just today, GoDaddy was hacked. Hacker group Anonymous is claiming responsibility for this.

GoDaddy has said that they are aware of the problem and are working to get it fixed, although we at Stirring Media haven't heard anything from GoDaddy about our site or what they are doing about the hack. It is pretty serious, as any domain that's registered with GoDaddy, although not hosted with their servers, are also down.

The email service is also down, which also explains why the email was buggy all morning. As an FYI, don't try to email us either. Instead, if you need to contact us, please do it through our Facebook page or on Twitter (@Stirring_Media).

We will keep you posted if anything changes, especially if our site goes live again.