Do I Need Social Media Marketing Services? 4 Signs You Do

social media marketing servicesSocial media is always changing, and perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of inbound marketing and online marketing to handle. Which sites should you be on? What should you be posting? How often should you post? How do you engage people? How do you generate leads with it? All good questions, and not everyone has the answers to all of them. However, just because you don't have all the answers doesn't mean that you need social media marketing services. So, do you need social media marketing, or social media management services? Here are 4 signs you do:

All Your Updates/Tweets/Pins are Promotional

Social media is not a personal soundbox, so if you're treating it that way, you definitely need some social media management help to craft your updates/tweets/pins differently. What does a social media soundbox look like? Kind of like these examples below (these are actual examples taken from actual social media updates, by the way):

  • I will produce a Top-Notch Press Release to Announce Your New Event
  • We have a new blog post up! Learn about our experience working with awesome rent to own companies like ABC and XYC, among others.
  • Check out the latest ABC article!

It's okay to be promotional every once in a while, but you want to do it in a way that inspires action and provides value. Restaurants promote their food and latest specials all the time, but the cool pics and the descriptions of the dish make it worthwhile. Essentially, social media marketing services can not only help you find awesome things to share, but craft the words in a way to help the community and not just talk about yourself.

You Aren't Updating as Often as You Want

We recommend sharing something on each of your networks at least once a day, as well as taking the time to share things again (not everyone saw your new blog post the first time). If that sounds way too much for you, then social media management services can help in finding things to post, finding things to say, and overall keeping the dust off the cover photos.

Remember, social media marketing also involves responding to customer questions, comments, and messages in a timely manner, preferably within the next few hours. You got to put the 'social' in social media, and take the time to interact with people. This would also mean doing more than sharing content, but also asking questions or saying something funny. It doesn't always have to be about your industry or your products/services.

You're On Facebook, and That's It

That's a good start, don't get us wrong. But, if you're not thinking about LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and all the others out there, they you're not fully maximizing your social media marketing opportunities. Perhaps you don't have to do them all, or you only really know how to use Facebook so that's what you stick too. Social media management services can help with that by expanding your community and setting up great profiles where needed.

Your Social Media Isn't Connected to the Rest of Your Online Presence

Neither social media or online presence management are activities that are kept in individual silos, so they need to be interconnected with one another. This means including social media icons on your website and social media buttons on your blog (the latter is more important, since many still don't do it). Connecting also includes sharing things across platforms, such as taking the time to promote blog posts, articles, landing pages, and lead generation offers. You don't just want people to become fans and followers. You want them to actually visit your site and to become leads as well.

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