Creating Content that Goes Beyond Getting Found [Infographic]

Content is something that affects all freelancers and solopreneurs. Whether it's creating content for our own marketing efforts, or for clients, or both, creating content for online media involves more than being a good writer. It's also a matter of creating something that can be found online, is easily digestible, and is something worth sharing across multiple channels.

One of my favorite statistics from this infographic is that two and three-word keyphrases have the highest conversion rates. Goes to show that specificity helps in creating content that's SEO-friendly, yet engaging and of quality. Another nugget is that less people are finding websites through search engines, 83% in 2004 versus 61% in 2012. If less than two-thirds of people are finding websites through search engines, how are they finding websites? Social media? Email?

Creating content is easy to learn and tough to master, and the statistics in