Corporate Blogs a Great Way to Target Moms

corporate blogsIf moms are in your target demographic, then corporate blogs are the way to reach them. A BlogHer survey of US online mothers found that more than two-thirds of respondents trusted the information and advice they found on blogs. On top of that, these women are making purchases based on this information and advice. Over 60% of moms purchased a book based on these recommendations, while 56% made a food purchase and 48% bought a baby product.

How Do Your Make Your Business Blog Influential?


Although this survey only considered parenting blogs and information, a wide array of business blogs consider moms their target audience, and those who do ought to work on their business blogs in order to come across as a trustworthy source of information. The best way to do that is to avoid talking about your own products and services and how great they are, and focus on providing the information and advice that moms are looking for. They aren't going to trust you because you say they should trust you and that your products work. They are going to trust you because you help them solve their problems by offering the information and advice necessary to solve those problems.

But Corporate Blogs Will Only Be Read by Young Moms!

What makes these findings all the more interesting is that this trust in blogs spans across generations, with 60% of moms between the ages of 46 and 64 trusting blogs for parenting advice. This isn't much different from the 64% of moms 18-27 who trust blogs for parenting advice. Blogs aren't just for young people, and blogs aren't something that baby boomers scoff at or don't understand. Blogs can reach anyone of all ages, and you will only make an impact on those you reach if you become a source of information and advice, instead of using your blog as another marketing tool to make sales.

Whether or not moms are your target demographic, this survey offers valuable insight into the impact corporate blogs can have. Corporate blogs are read by all kinds of people, of all ages. Corporate blogs, if managed correctly, can be seen as a trusted source of information, as an outlet that its putting its readers first. Yes, you're a business with a bottom line, but understand that your readers aren't always ready to buy yet, and are merely looking for information and advice that helps them solve their problems and address their pain points. Positioning your corporate blog with that kind of perspective will turn your corporate blog into the trusted guardian angel that everyone wants and needs in their lives.