Combine Your Email and Mobile Marketing with One Solution

mobile marketingWhether you’ve been thinking about getting into mobile marketing, wondering how to incorporate email into you mobile marketing campaign, or just wanting to engage your current email base a little bit more, there’s now one solution that can accomplish all that.

Constant Contact has formed a partnership with mobile content creator DIDMO, allowing Constant Contact users to create a mobile app and incorporate discoverability of that app into their current email campaign. Vice versa, those who already use DIDMO and Magmito, a do-it-yourself app maker created by DIDMO, can utilize email marketing to distribute and to promote their mobile content and marketing campaign.

“This doesn’t displace email, but is just another layer of loyalty and communication,” said Angelo Biasi, vice president of business development of DIDMO. “It’s a knockout punch for small and medium-sized businesses who want to stay on top of mind.”

Magmito can be used to create a variety of apps for a variety of purposes. Apps have been created to train sales representatives, offer tips, provide info or coupons, or even serve as a click-to-call feature. The tool takes away some of barriers that small and microbusinesses encounter when trying to get into mobile marketing: cost, time to market, and skillsets.

“It’s a very easy and quick way to get into mobile,” Biasi said. “Mobile provides an opportunity that email and social media don’t.”

The partnership works by a user being able to get both services on either account, so if a small business or an entrepreneur is already using Constant Contact or Magmito, they can easily access the other's service, with Constant Contact offering a 60-day free trial to new customers who sign-up through Magmito.