6 Unusual Places to Find Business Blog Ideas

business blog ideasComing up with good business blog ideas is a constant battle. You have to do it all the time, and some days it may feel like you've said the same thing for the past five posts. You need something new to write about, but is also needs to be a topic that aligns with a keyword you are trying to rank for while providing value to your potential customers. It's not always easy to find a business blog idea that meets all of those requirements. But, no one said you have to come up with these ideas from the top of your head or from a keyword list! You can easily stumble upon great business blog ideas by looking in the right places. Here are six unusual places to find business blog ideas:

  1. Competitors - Are your competitors blogging? If so, what are they blogging about? If they are blogging about something that you can blog about, then do so and do it better. Take a different angle, or use a different argument, or expound upon their ideas with a longer article.
  2. Customer Questions - Are there questions that customers ask regularly, or maybe issues that take a lot of time to explain? Why not save everyone some time and answer each questions with a blog post? This way, customers have a chance to find the answers on their own, saving your time to answer questions that are unique to each customer. It also means you get to work with people that more likely to buy, instead of still researching solutions for their problem.
  3. Potential Customer Protests - Has a lead given this reason, or that reason, for not wanting or needing your products/services? Is it brand new reason you've never heard before? Whatever it may be, argue against it in a blog post! Follow it up with a post on how to convince a boss or a spouse (whether you're B2B or B2C) to use your product or service.
  4. LinkedIn Answers/Quora - This is an excellent way to find business blog ideas as well as to get a backlink or two. Scroll through Quora or LinkedIn Answers for questions that relate to your blog. Pick one (or several) to answer, and then post the link to the blog post on the site.  Easy topic with an audience for it, ready to go.
  5. Keyword Tools - There are two keyword tools that we use to come up with ideas: Ubersuggest and Soolve. These two sites find keywords that are related to whatever you typed in, so it's incredibly helpful in expanding your own keyword list as well as with coming up with a blog post idea that targets a good keyword.
  6. Have You Looked at Your Own Blog? - Your own blog is full of ideas, even if it is full of published articles? Are there comments to posts that asked questions or generated a lot of buzz? Consider those ideas to pursue. Was there an article that was incredibly popular? Write a follow up. It's also close to the end of the year, where roundups of your most popular posts or posts about certain topics are easy to publish during the holiday season.

Are there any other places that you use to find business blog ideas when you're stuck in a rut? If so, let us know in the comments below!