6 Keys to Successful Business Blogging

keys to successful business bloggingWhat does it take to have successful business blogging? Here are our six keys to successful business blogging:

  1. Do It Consistently - According to some excellent research from HubSpot, companies that blog 15 or more times per month (which comes to about three or four times per week) get 5X more traffic than companies that don't blog at all. Small businesses also see the biggest benefit from increasing blogging frequency. Small businesses (1-10 employees) tend to see the biggest gains in traffic when they publish more articles. There's value in increasing your blogging frequency, and in keeping it at a high frequency.
  2. Provide Value to the Audience - This should be the main priority of your business blog. Not that generating leads, making sales, and ranking for search engines are unimportant, but making those the main priority will only get you so far. By writing content that's of value to our audience, the other three will fall into place.
  3. Promote Posts & Make Them Easy to Share - One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with their business blog is that they don't include a link to it on the homepage! Not only should the link be there, but it should be in the top navigation menu for all to see. Social sharing buttons also make each post easy to share. This way, you aren't relying strictly on the promotion you are doing to generate traffic for your blog.
  4. Know Your Brand - Don't be afraid to inject personality and passion into your blog posts, or to let your bloggers to personalize posts. If your business is a family-friendly business, then showcase that. If your brand is a whimsical one that can laugh at itself from time to time, then do that. This doesn't mean that you're not serious about your business or about serving customers. It means just the opposite as it shows you know who you are, what makes you different, and what you can do for your customers.
  5. Be Honest - Of course, you shouldn't lie on your business blog, but being honest is also much more than that. A business blog can be a great way to make your brand and company more transparent, and could help your business in a time of crisis. For example, if your business faced a few bad reviews on Yelp, or has been criticized by another blogger, your business blog can be a great tool to respond to the criticism and to talk about how you're going to fix the problem. Ignoring the bad reviews might not always be the best solution and this type of response shows that you care about improving your business and its products/services.
  6. Just Do It - A common excuse for why some businesses, especially B2B companies, won't blog is because they aren't sure if their target audience reads blogs. Granted, the decision makers may not be subscribing to tons blogs or specifically looking at a corporate for information. They also aren't ignoring blogs either. These people are also online searching for information, typing in keywords and looking for solutions to their problem. A blog post can provide that information, match a keyword, and/or offer a solution i.e. come up in search results as these decision makers search online. These people may not be reading blogs all day everyday, but that doesn't mean they won't read the blog post or two that has the information they need.

Writing a blog post here and there isn't enough. There's a lot more strategy and work to successful business blogging than having a blog and posting something every now and then.

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