5 Proven Ways to Make Your Email More Effective

email productivitySolopreneurs often struggle with juggling administrative tasks, such as emails, alongside the actual work they love to provide for their clients. Not only can email become a huge distraction to daily work, but it can quickly build up over time and feel overwhelming if not managed correctly. Before you know it, you have hundreds of emails to sort or to respond to by the end of the week, and little time to do it!

How can one effectively manage email while also sending out the best messages to market their business to potential clients? After all, email still holds power as the largest online social network. Email remains more powerful than any other social network, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. One solution is to outsource to a virtual assistant, but this may not be feasible for some businesses. Many like to keep communications in-house, so hiring out for email communications may not work in all circumstances.

Here are five proven ways to make your email more effective not only for your use of it as a communication method, but as a marketing tool.

1. Use Scheduled Email Posts with Boomerang

If you frequently use Google for your email communications, try using a plugin developed for scheduled email postings. One such plugin, called Boomerang, can help you send scheduled emails, such as reminders or newsletters, and is easy to install for most browsers. Never worry again about those important client appointments or forgetting to send out important weekly communications – Boomerang can help!

Baydin, the creator of Boomerang, is also offering a free service called Revive Your Inbox