5 Blogging Mistakes Solopreneurs and Freelancers Make

blogging mistakesThere's no denying that blogging is tough and time-consuming. There's also no denying that blogging is great for marketing. However, if you don't do your blogging right, all that content won't end up working for anyone. Here are five blogging mistakes that solopreneurs and freelancers often make, and how to fix them:

The Blog is About Anything and Everything - If you're a wedding planner, then why do you have blog posts about business development? If you're a business consultant, you shouldn't have blog posts about weddings (unless it's about developing a business in the wedding industry). The point is, don't blog about whatever comes to mind, or anything anyone in your audience might be interested in. Your blog shouldn't be the next general interest online publication. It should address the big questions and pain points of your target market. It should discuss what's going on in your industry and position you as a though leader. Don't blog for the sake of blogging. Blog with direction and purpose.

Blogging Only About Your Company - Your blog is for your readers, customers, and potential customers. So, you need to blog about what they want and need to read about. Blogging only about you and your company doesn't serve that need. Besides, the rest of your website is about your and your company and your services. The blog ought to be about your readers and customers.

Not Blogging Enough - In order for blogging to be an effective way to generate traffic and to generate leads, you need to blog at least twice a week. Anything less than that won't create any momentum to make any real different, or it will take an awfully long time to get that momentum (it takes about 50 blog posts before you see the fruit of your labors). This is especially critical for solopreneurs and freelancers who offer writing services. If you can't blog consistently and often for yourself, then why would a potential client think you can do that for them?

Failing to Amplify the Blog Post - You can't just write the post and that's it. You need to get it out there to the rest of the world. Share it on social media (more than once, but not in one day). Include a link to your