3 Hours on a Blog Post? You Need a Blog Writing Service!

help blog writing serviceDoes it take you between one and three hours (maybe more) just to write one blog post? Almost half of small businesses who have a business blog take that long, but don't fret or kick yourself if you're in that half. There's nothing wrong with you. It's just that there's a better use of your time and your talents. What you need is a blog writing service that can get a blog post done in under two hours, and provide those blog posts for you at a rate of twice per week.

How Often are You Publishing Posts?

At one to three hours per post, probably not every often. How often does a business owners or a small business marketing manager have one to three hours to spare in a day, or even in a week? No wonder so many business blogs go abandoned, or only get a new post every month or two! Most folks don't have this kind of time to publish posts, and to do so consistently. Some that try may end up sacrificing quality for quantity, as those one to three hours spent writing one great blog post are wasted writing three or five not-so-great posts.

Instead of abandoning your business blog, or publishing once or twice a month (which means it'll take one to two years before you see substantial results from all your blogging effort), you can hire a blogging agency to manage your business blog for you. This way, you can spend your time promoting posts, or coming up with ideas, or developing good keywords and leave the writing part, the toughest part, to folks who know how to do it and to do it well.

How Do You Spend Those Three Hours?

If it does take you two or three hours to write a single blog post, then how do you spend that time? Is the entire time spent typing, or is the time also spent researching your topic, coming up with said topic, finding a good photo, proofreading the post etc.? Not only is that a lot to do when it comes to writing a blog post, but it can also be a lot to ask out of one person. Most businesses aren't in the business of publishing and writing blog posts, and either don't have those skills on hand or don't have the time or interest in developing those skills. So, why not outsource all of this to a blog writing service, a blogging agency that is well-versed in these skills? The only thing they'll have to learn is your brand, your customers' pain points, and your goals for the business blog.

Why a Blog Writing Service?

Sure, a freelance writer may be cheaper, so why utilize a blogging agency or blog writing service. That's because a business blog is much more than the blog posts themselves. Having someone create the content is one thing, but there are other things that blogging agency can tackle that a freelance writer might not. These include meta descriptions, photos, tagging, a good blog post title, and blog post promotion. A blogging agency can do all that, which is a bit above and beyond simply writing a blog post.

Business blogging is important, even vital to a company's online marketing. However, it does take a ton of time and a lot more commitment to build a business blog from scratch and have it be a successful one. Which is why a blog writing service is a much better option for most businesses. By trusting a blogging agency with your business blog, you can use that time to serve customers, to work on other marketing campaigns, or to do whatever else needs to be done. Leave the writing to a blog writing service, and they'll leave you the business.

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